What Will Level 2 Look Like For Homai?

13 March 2020

Dear Parents, whānau and caregivers,


Thank you for your patience as we prepare our school to return at Level 2, Monday 18th May 2020.

As a school, we have been able to comply with MoE and government health guidelines, to ensure we as a staff are well prepared to open our school safely.


What will this look like come Monday?

As a precaution, we would like if all students should be brought to school by a parent/guardian (if this is possible). 


Whanau dropping children off via vehicle 

  • Staff members will meet you at the front (entrance) gate, and direct you to the nearest drop off point.
  • Your child/ren will exit your vehicle, and be ushered by a staff member to the office area, where they will use sanitizer before being taken to their classroom. 


Whanau walking their children to school

  • A staff member will meet you at the front (entrance) gate, and will usher your child/ren ONLY to the next drop off point.


Pick up process (by car)

  • Please drive to the front office gate, and wait in your car for a staff member to call for your child/ren. 

Pick up process (walking)

  • A staff member will meet you at the front (entrance) gate, and will call reception for your child/ren to be sent to meet you at the front entrance.  



According to Ministry health and safety regulations; the outside water fountains are out of use (until further notice). Students must bring their own packed morning tea/lunch and water bottle (please label these and encourage your child/ren not to share their food and drink with others).

Please also be aware that we are unable to provide milk and fruit at this time. 


Devices / Learning Packs:

Please ensure your children bring any school device (chromebooks) that was assigned to them, as well as their learning packs so teachers can check and monitor what has been done at home.


To ensure the safety of our students and staff, we kindly ask that parents do not congregate outside classrooms. The above processes for dropping off, and picking up students will be strictly followed by our staff.


We have attached our school guidance/procedures of Alert Level 2 – to keep you informed. Please remember to keep your child/ren home if they are unwell. 


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us; via school phone, website, facebook, or email. 


Procedure Plan for Alert Level 2. What will School look like at Alert Level 2? 

These procedures have been developed with the safety of staff and students in mind. 

We will continue to

  • Follow the guidelines set out in the School Pandemic Plan and
  • Manage all of  the areas identified below 

We have chosen to control the controllable rather than return to all areas of normal school 

  • For this reason we have chosen to continue to limit all non-essential curriculum activity both in and outside of school. 
  • While I know many of you will be anxious at this time, we will ensure that school is the safest possible place for your children to be outside of your family bubbles. At all times we will be following the most up to date advice from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.


ClassroomsAt Pick up and Drop OffStaffing Class Bubbles
Under Alert Level 2 hand sanitiser will be provided in every classroom. Hand sanitiser stations will be set up at the designated entry and exit points of each classroom and Students and Staff will use this hand sanitiser as they enter the buildings each time.Students  will wash their hands before leaving the classroom   exit a room, supervised by staff.

Additional disinfectant/cloth will be available in classrooms for children and teachers to sanitise spaces throughout the school day as required. 

Many students have their own stationery, supplies and devices and will be encouraged  not to share this.









Under Alert Level 2 parents and caregivers will be discouraged from coming on site unless absolutely necessary.  

Parents are asked to “drop off and pick up” at the front of the school at the office gate.

Where possible there should be one person designated for pick up and drop off at each point – ECE / Rm10 (support our ECE families) Office Area.

Students will  be allowed to enter by 8:00am, but must go straight to their classroom. 

No students to be roaming the school grounds before school – No one on playgrounds – This must be supervised times only

All visitors on site must sign in at the office . This is asked for by the Health Ministry for possible contact tracing.






We will operate in a waka bubble concept at Alert Level 2. This means that students and staff will be limited to their waka only with no cross contamination with other waka.

All teachers and leaders to be onsite by 7.30am and in their classrooms by 8am to receive students..

Physical Distancing is a good precaution to prevent the spread of disease. 

Children  and staff should be far enough away from each other so that they are not breathing on or touching each other, coupled with good hygiene practices and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces. 

There does not need to be a specific measurement but where practicable 1 metre should be used as a guide, particularly between adults.



Staffroom BubbleIn the playgroundManaging Attendance
Staff are expected to maintain a minimum of 1m physical distance at all times including in the staffroom. 


Cups, spoons etc. to be personally handled into the dishwasher. 


Kitchen benches  / cafe’ tables must be wiped down after each use, for other groups of staff members to use.


Soap and sanitiser will be provided in the staffroom. Disinfectant/wipes available to be used on shared keypads (e.g. photocopier and alarm).







Physical education classes and break time activities can include access to sports equipment including playgrounds but hygiene practice should be observed before and after playing with equipment. 


Each class and waka will have their own equipment. At the end of each day teachers / SST are responsible for disinfecting equipment.


Drinking fountains will remain turned off. Students will need a named drink bottle at school. 


Students can bring their own scooters and bikes. These must not be shared with others.






Any children and staff will stay home if they are sick, or will be sent home immediately if they show any symptoms.


In school, our contact tracing is a combination of timetable, attendance register and visitor register. 


These provide good information to health authorities if they need to contact people that might be considered a close contact of a confirmed case, and determine whether they will need to self-isolate.


This includes recording who the adults on-site are in close contact with as well as recording any visitors to the site, including parents and caregivers.


Some families may decide to keep their children home, we will provide online learning opportunities.

Cleaning and HygieneMovement In and Out of SchoolReporting to Parents in Term
The toilet blocks will be sanitised three times a day.Students and Staff will use hand sanitiser when opening and closing all doors. 

Cleaners will complete daily cleans in line with the Ministry of Health guidelines.

In an Alert Level 2 we will continue to model good hygiene practices (coughing into your elbow, handwashing and drying) and regular cleaning of commonly touched surfaces.

















We have chosen to continue to limit all non-essential curriculum activity both in and outside of school.

  • No whole school Assemblies for the remainder of Term 2. 
  • Each waka will conduct their own waka assemblies instead.

Break Times will be staggered and each waka will be responsible for their duty. Assigned SSTs will be supporting each waka for the rest of term 2.
















When students return to school in Alert Level 2 their wellbeing will be our number one priority 


Whanau Impact week will take place at the end of the term. This may be t=hrough a Zoom platform.


Teachers can take this time to gather up to date information and evidence to help make informed decisions of students’ next steps and identify individual learning goals.
















A Message from our Homai SKiDs


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