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Ahukura Home Learning

Hauora – Health and Wellbeing

Our Homai School inquiry this term is focusing on Hauora (Health and Wellbeing). Each classroom in Waka Ahukura has been exploring, identifying and gathering information about what keeps our overall Hauora (Health and Wellbeing) happy and healthy. 

Here are some inquiry questions that can support you in exploring Health and Wellbeing in more depth at home.

What do I know about this topic?
What do I want to know about my topic?
What are some possible ideas related to the
topic I am interested in?
My question?
What is my prediction?
How am I feeling about my topic?

Happy learning Waka Ahukura

Home learning resources 

Some models of Health and Wellbeing that might help your inquiry – Te Whare Tapa Wha, Fonofale, Te Wheke

Home learning activities:

My Fale

Home Learning

Whanau Activities

Waka Notices

Kia Ora Whānau

During this time at level 3 lockdown, our main priority is to ensure you and your whānau stay safe, happy and healthy. Please take this time to look after yourselves and focus on your wellbeing. If you need any support please do let your classroom teachers know and we will help the best way that we can. 

See you all soon Homai whānau 

Nga mihi Waka Ahukura Teachers

Learning Videos & Websites

The Touring Teacher – Provides an educational web series for learning.


Storyline Online – Stories streamed online, that are read aloud and feature creative illustrations.


Mathantics – Free online video clips for learning math strategies and knowledge.


Storytime by RNZ – Free online audio books, stories and music for kids of all ages.


Math Playground – Math games and logic puzzles free online to support students in strengthening their math skills.


Arcademic Skill Builders – Boost student engagement and fact fluency with free educational games.


Class Home Learning Pages

Please click on your classroom below to view learning material and learning tasks that your teacher will add each day.