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Welcome Back Term 3, Lesssss gooooo!

Home Learning Programme Room 1. Home Learning wk 6 & 7

Home Learning Programme Room 1. WEEK 5  T3, WK 5 Home Learning 


  • Level 2 as of 12am Monday 31st August
  • Homai School home learning pack available for pick up from 9.30am – 1pm.

Art, Engineering “STEAM” & Family Fun Games

Fraction Circle Art 

Art for kids hub 

Shadow drawing art.

A cool art activity that can be done at home, using our natural sunlight, a lamp or lights we have in the house.

Engineering Steam Activities 

 Whenever you see underlined text that is blue, it is a link.  Click on it to watch a video about that activity.  Happy Engineering!

  1. Make a boat that can really float.  How can you modify your design so that it would be a fun bath toy?
  2. Using only paper, design a tall tower that can support an object. What object will you try to support?
  3. Did you know that windshield wipers were invented by Mary Anderson? Experiment with making a model windshield wiper. What would you invent for cars?
  4. Build a car or house entirely out of edible materials. Consider having an edible car race
  5. Do batteries really power the world? Go on a scavenger hunt to find things powered by batteries. What kind of batteries can you find?

Cool at home games, from TikTok you can play as a family

  1. The Car Game
  2. The Bug Game

Kia Ora Whānau

Welcome back to Term 3! This term our big inquiry focus is on Health and Wellbeing (Hauora). In room 1 this term we will be using the model Te Whare Tapa Wha to support our understanding of how we can keep all aspects of our health and wellbeing healthy and positive.

I have posted up some video’s and links that will support students in understanding Hauora and Te Whare Tapa Wha.

Week 4 Home Learning Programme: Home learning WK4, T3

Online Learning Programmes

These programmes are online educational programmes that we use at Homai to support student learning. It is also learning that I can track and monitor student progress.

Sunshine Classics

Reading books for students based on their reading needs. After reading they will also have follow up activities and record themselves reading.


All areas of learning that include – Reading, Writing, Maths, Science, Art & Music and so much more. A learning program that includes videos and interactive learning activities.


Interactive activities, games and challenges focused on building student math skills that focus on strengthening their individual needs.


A online math game that focuses on building student math knowledge and skills through interactive gaming challenges and rewards.

Our journey back into school

Week 8 learning from home & school

Week 8

Kia Ora Whānau

This weeks learning is exploring STUDENT AGENCY

Student Agency is about our students acting on independence with their learning, by having the choice of how and what they learn in class. It is our goal as a school to create a new school normal, just as we did with creating a new normal of learning from home during COVID-19.

This week in Room 1 we are exploring what and how STUDENT AGENCY will work for us.

Student voice of this topic is as follows:

What is student agency: Taking responsibility of my learning, being accountable, independent, own choices and interest, making good choices for my learning, learning what I want to learn, learning at my own pace and it’s about me.

What do I want to learn: Measuring through science, reading and writing through art, geometry through sports, reading and writing through history, social sciences, visual art, languages (māori, tongan, samoan, cook island, hindu and more), drama, self care, inquiry, how to handle/deal with situations, easier way to do divisions and subtraction, hands-on/hard material work, SSTEAMs and that is only naming a few of what they had come up with.

How do I want to learn: On devices, using resources available at school and home, at my own pace, books, dictionaries, tools.

How will I check-in: Have a set day to check in with Whaea Tracey, through email, set up a check-in timetable, by sharing my timetable with Whaea Tracey, share my timetable with my family to keep me accountable.

With the support from our Homai whānau, Room 1 would appreciate any input into our exploration of creating our new classroom normal. Have a good week whānau  🙂 

Room 1’s home learning journey 😀 

Our journey so far…

I am very thankful to have such an amazing classroom of students who have shown perseverance throughout this time of learning at home and I am super proud of all your hard work and efforts. I also want to send a massive thank you to all our whānau for your support in making sure students were able to share, join and participate in online meetings whether it was through zoom, over the phone or social media.

Thank you whānau and students for showing your Homai GIVES throughout this journey!

Jaydis Brown – Writing

Jaedalei Anae – Letter writing and her cultural flags

Cecilia Puni – Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Tanvi Lal – Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Matea Wikaira – Baking

Elijah Aumale – 5 senses Poem

Faith Faimanifo Teo – Letter Writing

Mana La’akulu – Lockdown Poem

Zack Muhudin – Te Korowai O Homai

Primrose Havea – Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Mayeda Zahra – Summary writing

Shresthi Kumar – Corona Virus presentation

Week 7

Talofa aiga, this week at Homai we are learning about Samoan culture as we celebrate Samoan Language Week!! Here is our week 7 programme for those who are learning from home  😀

T2, Home Learning Programme WK7

Week 6

Happy Week 6 of distance learning whānau. Please if you have any questions and queries do not hesitate to ask. I am available through email, phone and facebook.

T2, Home Learning Programme WK6

Week 5

Happy Week 5 of distance learning. Here is this week’s home learning programme that is focused on using our Homai home learning packs. If you need any support please do not hesitate to ask. I am available through email, phone and facebook.

Have a good week and see you all soon 🙂

T2,WK5, Home Learning Programme