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Room 3 Home Learning

Home-based learning week 5 term 2 2020

Hi Room 3, check week 5 online home-based PowerPoint presentation. To open it on a Chromebook – Download it, then upload it to your drive. From there you will be able to open the file in Google Slides.

Have fun and stay safe. Remember to go through the whole slide show, choose an activity to work on throughout the week. Term 2 Wk 5 Monday 11 May to Friday 15 May Room 3 online learning

Hi Room 3, Welcome to Week 6 online. Check out the slide show and have fun. Remember to share your work with me on my email. It is

Here Is the link to the slide show

Welcome to week 7 everyone. A warm welcome to those students back at school. We cannot wait until we are all back together soon. Check out this weeks slide show and have fun!

Hi, team welcome to week 8. Our new science topic is focusing on insects. Check out the new slide on insects and the fact file. Try to complete your narrative introduction and start your first paragraph. Our Maths topic is Geometry. Click on the link for our week eight slide show