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Friday 5th July – Last day of Term 2 – School will finish at the earlier time of 1.30pm.  Please ensure you make arrangements for your child to be picked up early on this day. Term 2 School Holidays – Saturday 6th July – Sunday 21st July Term 3 starts – Monday 22nd July

Learning Support

The underlying belief here at Homai School is that – “all students have the right to attend their local school and equitable educational opportunities which will enable them to reach their full potential as individuals”. This may include students with special education needs and students from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Our Guiding Principles

Inclusiveness and Responsiveness

Students will be kept in their learning context (the classroom) – the learning programme and resources are to be suitably modified to ensure students can access the curriculum, peer learning and social interaction.

Community of Learners

Where appropriate, students will be placed in a class that has an established “community of learners” with the same needs.

Needs Based

Learning Support programmes/interventions are based on needs which are identified through evidence. Programmes/interventions are closely monitored to ensure continuous improvement.

At Homai we have a SENCO (Special Education Needs Co-ordinating Officer) who oversees the SSTs (teacher aides). The SST’s also have their own Team Leader. SST’s are in class to support the teacher to support the students…remembering that ultimately the teacher is the expert.

We have eight full time SSTs at Homai. There is very high demand for teacher aide support in classrooms. A SST Action Plan needs to be filled out to get SST support in your classroom. There is discussion around where teacher aide support is given- this is based on priority students and need.

There are times when it is the “best fit” that the SST works with identified learning needs students, especially when the teacher aide is the “expert” eg. PPP, Phonics etc.

SST work in the classroom and do not withdraw students, we have done this for many years now at Homai. For most of our lower learners they need to work alongside and around their peers.

Our Full Time SST’s

  • Helan Collings | Team Leader
  • Maryalice Goodman
  • Karita Siakisini
  • Karen Cate
  • John Ikinepe
  • Donna Heka-Head
  • Angela Hydes
  • Uputaua Muaiava
  • Tuli Fungavaka
  • Hannah Crichton
  • Marryan Tukuafu
  • Arieta Pesamino
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