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Teacher Only Day – Friday 31st May – SCHOOL IS CLOSED.  King’s Birthday – Monday 3rd June – SCHOOL is CLOSED.  Back to school Tuesday 4th June

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

Homai is a PB4L School. PB4L is a school-wide process or framework that is developed for the teaching of social and behavioural skills so that the focus can be on teaching and learning. The framework is based on international evidence and is helping New Zealand schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning in life.

We have tailored PB4L into our own school values which ensures that we all speak, demonstrate and actively encourage the same values and expectations for all. It is framed around our school values of Gives – (Guardianship Integrity Vigilance Empathy Success).

We have begun our Positive Behaviour for Learning journey by forming a fantastic PB4L team who have attended regular professional development courses throughout the year. From these workshops we have developed our framework which has been implemented in Homai as well as sharing it with our whanau.

“It’s not about changing the students; it’s about changing the environment, systems and practices so that we support our tamariki to make positive behaviour choices”. Ministry of Education TKI – PB4L


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